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Enrollment for the 2020-2021 school year is open.  Estamos recibiendo Inscripciónes para el año escolar 2020-2021.

LUSD Mission

The mission of Lynwood Unified School District, the model urban school district, is to ensure each student fearlessly achieves their highest academic and personal aspirations while contributing to a diverse, global society through an evolving system distinguished by:
•  people of great character who inspire and lead by example
•  the instilling of courage to be creative
•  the transformative uses of technology
•  safe and clean environments
•  the inclusion of all voices in our community through equity, access and justice

LUSD Strategies

Strategy I - Student achievement
We will ensure the academic and personal achievement of each student with an emphasis on the whole person.
Strategy II - Staff capacity
We will further enhance the capacity of all staff.
Strategy III - Family involvement
We will ensure family engagement.
Strategy IV – Character
We will instill positive character values.
Strategy V - Fiscal resources
We will maximize the effectiveness of fiscal resources.
Strategy VI – Environments
We will ensure that students and staff have safe and clean environments conducive to learning.
Strategy VII – Collaboration
We will collaborate with community programs and agencies for the benefit of our students.
Strategy VIII - Technology
We will provide each student an array of educational opportunities leading to success in higher education and career.

LUSD Objectives

•  All students graduate college or career ready to achieve their vision of personal and professional success.
•  All students possess noble character.
• Each student actualizes their true identity through leading a purposeful life.
•  All students exceed grade level achievement and college content readiness assessments.
•  We will make all decisions based on the best interest of the student.
•  We will aspire to excellence in all we do.
•  We will respect the worth and dignity of each person.
•  We will expect the best of everyone.
•  We will ensure efficacy and transparency throughout the district.
•  We will ensure students, parents and employees participate in decision making processes.

Recent News

Will Rogers Talent Show 2020 Featured Photo

Will Rogers Talent Show 2020

Here is this amazing show that every student worked so hard for! Sit down, relax, and enjoy the show! Aqui esta un espectaculo de talento que cada estudiante trabajo muy duro para hacerlo. Sientense, relajense, y disfruten el show!
Summer Bridge 2020/Programa de Verano 2020 Featured Photo

Summer Bridge 2020/Programa de Verano 2020

Are you interested in attending our VIRTUAL Summer Bridge this year? Please click on the link below to sign up your child now. Estan interesados en asistir el programa de verano Bridge VIRTUALMENTE este ano? Favor de hacer clic en el enlace abajo para inscribir a su hijo/a ahorita.